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Hold a Screening of the Carnism Presentation Video

Holding a screening of the video of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows is a convenient and entertaining way to raise awareness of carnism in your community, church, school, or even your own home.

You should allot at least two hours for the event, but not more than two and a half hours. Plan to begin the screening by giving a brief introduction to the event, explaining who you are (e.g., the name of your group if you are part of an organization, and a little bit about why you decided to hold the screening), and either reading or just going over the key points provided in the video introduction script. The introduction should take no more than five minutes. The video is an hour long. Ideally, you should allow about 10 minutes for audience members to ask questions immediately following the screening, and then allocate 45 - 50 minutes for discussing the questions provided in the discussion guide. Note: If you are serving food, you can start the event about a half hour prior to the beginning of the screening, and let people know that the first part of the event will be for mingling and eating. Another option is to make food available for a period of time after the screening, while people are discussing the questions in the discussion guide. Please see our note about serving food in the Tips for a Successful Screening list below.

Following are some suggestions to help you make the screening an enjoyable experience for you and the audience.

What You Need

  • a computer you can use to download or stream the video or a DVD player (if using a DVD of the video)
  • a television or projector
  • a quiet room with enough seating for your audience (but not too many seats, as empty seats can diminish the sense of community and make the event look underattended)
  • between two and six weeks of advance planning in order to publicize the screening (depending on how large an audience you expect)
  • a Facebook event announcement. This a great way to get the word out, and our event template makes it even easier to set up. (Note: this feature is coming soon.)
  • a post-viewing discussion guide and its companion guide to effective facilitation (available under Downloads in the right-hand margin of this page)
  • post-viewing resources to help viewers make dietary changes to move beyond carnism. We recommend the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Vegetarian Starter Kit (available under Downloads in the right-hand margin of this page). You can also direct viewers to our Helpful Materials and Links page.

Tips for a Successful Screening

  • Set up your AV equipment at least an hour before the film is scheduled to begin.
  • Do your best to start the video at the time scheduled, but if you are not going to be able to start on time make an announcement to your audience to tell them when you will start.
  • Serve food! You can contact VegFund to apply for funds to purchase tasty vegan food for your guests (please be sure to read VegFund’s application guidelines carefully). Or you can get others to help you organize a potluck, which can be a great way to create a fun atmosphere and give people an opportunity to get to know each other.
  • We strongly recommend that you serve food before and/or after the screening, but not during it. Leaving food out for people to eat causes them to leave their seats during the video, and can be extremely disruptive.
  • Recruit others to assist with the screening, and assign them tasks so you don't have to worry about everything yourself. Having someone in charge of setting up the video and another person in charge of food, for instance, gives you more time to take care of any other issues that might arise.
  • Have as few chairs arranged as possible at the start of your event, adding more as needed. A room with lots of empty chairs and gaps between audience members is not as conducive to a productive viewing and discussion. Set up chairs close together so audience members are sitting near each other, and seat people in the front of the room first, filling seats toward the back only after the front rows fill up.
  • You may want to have tissues handy, as parts of the video are emotional.
  • Make sure to direct people to resources so they feel empowered to make changes in their lifestyle if they so wish. See our recommendations above regarding post-viewing resources.

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