Beyond Carnism

Beyond Carnism is a US-based, international organization dedicated to exposing and transforming carnism, the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals.

Carnism causes extensive suffering. Animal agriculture is responsible for the unnecessary slaughter of 77 billion land animals worldwide per year, and it is a major contributor to environmental degradation, human disease, and human rights violations. However, the majority of people who eat animals are unaware that they are contributing to such destruction.

At Beyond Carnism, we believe that people need and deserve to know the truth about carnism, so they can make their food choices freely — because without awareness, there is no free choice.

Beyond Carnism seeks to empower concerned citizens and vegan advocates through education and activism, to help create a more compassionate and just world for all beings, human and nonhuman alike.

Our Beliefs and Principles

  • Carnism poses a direct threat to animal, environmental, and public welfare. Carnism also relies on the same mentality that causes all forms of oppression, and it is interconnected with other oppressions (gender, race, class, etc.). We therefore believe that transforming carnism is essential to creating a more just and humane world.
  • We believe that it is impossible to have an objective conversation about eating animals as long as carnism remains unexamined. We therefore believe that carnism must be made visible.
  • We recognize that certain people, such as those who are economically disadvantaged or geographically dependent on eating animals, are unable to make their food choices freely.
  • We are committed to nonviolence in action and attitude. Beyond Carnism does not endorse physical violence or degrading language.

Our Team

Dr. Melanie Joy

Founder and President

Melanie Joy, PhD, is a Harvard-educated psychologist, celebrated speaker, organizational consultant, trainer, and relationship coach. She is the autho…


Sebastian Joy

Co-CEO, ProVeg International

Sebastian Joy, M.A., is the CEO of ProVeg International, a leading European pro-vegan organization, and he is also a university lecturer in nonprofit…


Tobias Leenaert

Co-founder and Co-director,
Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

Tobias Leenaert is the author of How to Create a Vegan World: a Pragmatic Approach and blogs at www.veganstrategist.org. He is a longtime speaker and…


Dawn Moncrief

Board Officer

Dawn Moncrief, M.A., M.A., is founding director of A Well-Fed World, Beyond Carnism's Washington, DC-based progenitor, a nonprofit organization which…


Flavia D’Erasmo

Program Manager

Flavia D’Erasmo earned her B.S. in architecture from Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Eager to make a difference, she decided to leave architecture and…


Ayse Deniz Kavur

Program Assistant

Ayse Deniz Kavur, M.A., holds a master’s degree in political philosophy, with a specialization in ethics and social inequalities, and a B.A. in sociol…


Gero Schomaker

Board Officer

Gero Schomaker, M.A., M.A., is the director of ProVeg Spain. Before moving to Spain, Gero worked for ProVeg International in its headquarters in Berli…


Beth Lily Redwood

Graphic Designer

Beth Lily Redwood, M.A., holds a master’s degree in arts administration and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has be…


Martin Smedjeback

Speaker — Sweden (Swedish)

Martin Smedjeback holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is a longtime animal advocate and nonviolence trainer. Martin has given carnism presenta…


Jennifer Greene

Speaker — U.S. and Canada (English)

Jennifer Greene, M.A., holds a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Michigan. Jennifer is also the founder of Vegan Long Island, and co…