Carnism Research Database

Our carnism research database houses carnism-related books, articles, and in-progress research. The database exists as a resource for people who are currently conducting carnism-related research, those who are interested in identifying gaps in the literature to determine future research needs, and those seeking academic institutions or organizations that are open to carnism-related research. It’s also a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about carnism from an academic perspective.

If you know of a study that you think should be included in our database, or if you have any feedback on how we may improve this resource, please send an email to [email protected].

Author Title Publisher Medium Pages Date
Adams, Carol J.The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical TheoryBloomsbury AcademicBookBook15 Mar. 2010
Adams, Carol J.Why Feminist Vegan Now?Feminism & PsychologyVolume 20.4Pages 302-3171 Aug. 2010
Allen Fox, Michael Deep Vegetarianism (America in Transition)Temple University PressBookBook1999
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Aronson, ElliotBack to the Future: Retrospective Review of Leon Festinger's "A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance"The American Journal of PsychologyVolume 110.1Pages 127-137Spring 1997
Ascione, Frank R.Animal Abuse and Youth ViolenceJuvenile Justice BulletinBookBook1 Sept. 2001
Ascione, Frank R.Emerging Research on Animal Abuse as a Risk Factor for Intimate Partner ViolenceCivic Research InstituteBookPages 3-172007
Ascione, Frank R.; Arkow, Phil Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal AbusePurdue University PressBookBook1 Apr. 1999
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Bandura, A.Selective Moral Disengagement in the Exercise of Moral AgencyJournal of Moral EducationVolume 31.2Pages 101-1192002
Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Murtagh, Louise; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Using the Implicit Association Test and the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure to Measure Attitudes Toward Meat And Vegetables in Vegetarians and Meat-EatersThe Psychological RecordVolume 60.2Pages 287-3062010
Barthes, RolandToward a Psychosociology of Contemporary Food ConsumptionJohn Hopkins University PressBookPages 23-301979
Bastian, BrockThe Meat Paradox: How We Can Love Some Animals and Eat OthersThe ConversationPrintNewspaper Article23 Mar. 2011
Bastian, BrockWhen Closing the Human-Animal Divide Expands Moral Concern: The Importance of FramingSocial Psychological and Personality ScienceVolume 3.4Pages 421-4291 Nov. 2012
Bastian, Brock; Loughnan, Steve; Haslam, Nick; Radke, Helena R. M. Don’t Mind Meat? The Denial of Mind to Animals Used for Human ConsumptionPersonality and Social Psychology BulletinVolume 38.2Pages 247-2561 Feb. 2012
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Bekoff, MarcAnimal Passions and Beastly Virtues: Cognitive Ethology as the Unifying Science for Understanding the Subjective, Emotional, Empathic, and Moral Lives of AnimalsHuman Ecology ReviewVolume 13.1Pages 39-592006
Belasco, WarrenFood, Morality, and Social ReformRoutledgeBookPages 185-1991997
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Berndsen M., van der Pligt J.Ambivalence Towards MeatAppetiteVolume 42.1Pages 71-781 Feb. 2004
Biermann-Ratjen, Eva-Maria Incongruence and PsychopathologySAGE Publications IncBookPages 119-1301998
Bilewicz, Michal; Imhoff, Roland; Drogosz, MarekThe Humanity of What We Eat: Conceptions of Human Uniqueness Among Vegetarians and OmnivoresEuropean Journal of Social PsychologyVolume 41.2Pages 201-2095 Aug. 2010
Blidaru, Ligia; Opre, Adrian The Moralization of Eating Behavior. Gendered Cognitive and Behavioral StrategiesProcedia - Social and Behavioural ScienceVolume 187Pages 547-55213 May 2015
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Christie, Daniel J.; Pim, Joám Evans Nonkilling PsychologyCenter for Global NonkillingBookBook2009
Clarke, Paul A. B. Political Theory and Animal RightsTaylor & FrancisBookBookMay 1990
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DeSoucey, Michaela FoodOxford University PressWebWeb2013
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Fawcett, AnneEuthanasia and Morally Justifiable Killing in a Veterinary Clinical Context (in "Animal Death") Sydney University PressBookBook2013
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Fiddes, NickMeat: A Natural SymbolRoutledgeBookBook1 Oct. 1992
Fischler, ClaudeFood, Self and IdentitySocial Science InformationVolume 27.2 Pages 275-2921988
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